Ines Pires

Ines Pires has a degree in Economics, a Master’s degree in International Politics, Image and Communication and a researcher in Cross Cultural & Nation Branding Concept Design. Previously, she was the International Affairs adviser of the Vice-President of the European Parliament, former Training adviser of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste and Journalist at “O Independente”. She is author of Several articles, books, Publications, position papers, and Interviews and lives extraordinary encounters with multiple personalities in more than 250 Events and Visits she organised in 17 Countries.. Served in Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon, Singapore, Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Muscat. She was recently awarded an entrepreneurship Innovation Distinction by the President of the Portuguese Republic, Prof. Aníbal Cavaco Silva. She is our expert of International Protocol, Soft Diplomacy Skills, Cross cultural Intelligence and Corporate Diplomacy. Ines speaks 8 languages. A Globe Trotter with Photography, Jazz and Design as passions.

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