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Our Corporate Members Club are Companies, Multinationals, high corporations, Law Firms,  are Diplomatic Missions from G20.

Our Corporate Membership Club entitles your organisation to:

Technical help in Policy and Technical Team is available to provide assistance. The team has particular expertise in international protocol, Corporate Diplomacy, Relationship management, Cross Cultural Intelligence and global Affairs but can also provide advice and sign posting to additional sources of help on a wide range of diplomacy queries.

Access to networking concept events that are an integral part of our Membership and provide many opportunities for networking, best practice advice and further development. Corporate Members are able to nominate an employee to participate in any of our events in Brussels, worldwide or in Webinars and eLearning.

Free or discounted publications in ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy publications production including the Practitioner series, reports and guidelines on best practice, which are available free or at a reduced price in the areas of international protocol, Corporate Diplomacy, Relationship management, Cross Cultural Intelligence and global negotiations.

Discounts on Advertisements of 10% on advertising in publications and a 10% discount on Job Advertisements.

Corporate Referrals on record of information on the skills and experience of consultancies which are Corporate Members to allow us to provide a referral service to anyone contacting us looking for  specialists.

Training Content Guidance is offered and Advice is available on the content of education and training courses, and assistance can be provided with development and content of courses or modules. Key areas of focus include, Employee Engagement, Communications, Consumer Behaviour, Making the Business Cases in international protocol, Corporate Diplomacy, Relationship management, Cross Cultural Intelligence and global Affairs is available at a reduced rate to members for their corporate universities, training and development or team buildings.

Speakers and Speaker Referrals is available and Experts and Speakers are provided at a reduced rate to members. Contact details can be provided for expert speakers for specialised topics:

Working parties formulating best practice guidelines where the Members are routinely consulted in the production of Institute guidelines and have the opportunity to become members of Institute working parties and influence best practice. To-date working parties have developed guidelines for corporate diplomacy departments, manuals of protocol, relationships managers, VIP management guidelines, team building, administration best practices for global affairs, among much more.

Use of Resources can be utilised the leading learning and educational resources from ISPD Protocol and Diplomacy for your organisation and Copies of all publications

Enhanced Visibility is offered by Communicate your company global affairs, diplomatic stories, Reports, press releases via ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy media channels.Discounted partnership opportunities in advertisement (1 video interview, 1 guest contribution for our website and contacts around 96 countries) and Sponsorships Opportunities

Group Education and Advice Discounts in Open trainings, advise, seminars, conferences and workshops;

and Much More

The price for membership is €2,030.00 per Year.

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